We trace out the spark of interest among the students and to help them realise their dreams, we conduct several activities connecting hundreds of students from across Kerala to globally renowned professionals and provide hands-on experience.

What We Do?

At UL Space Club, our activities are not limited to classroom training. We conduct many activities including Space Camps, Sky Safari and webinars


Space Camps

The space camps are organised under the supervision of eminent space researchers and professionals frequently at different destinations.


Sky Safari

The students are given opportunities to sky watch and learn in the presence of professionals on special occasions.


Space Quiz

Quiz programmes on space science and astronomy are organised online and offline for and by the students to enhance their knowledge.


Project work & Paper Presentations

The students are given chances to do and present projects and paper presentations in the guidance of scholars and professionals at different Institutions.


Visit to ISRO

Under the escort of mentors, the students are allowed to visit ISRO and at special occasions, to participate in certain events.


Online webinar

Weekly webinars with several National and International professionals nurture a passion for the sciences which influences the ultimate career path of the students.

Stellar Chronicle:

The magazine is structured in such a way as to kindle the interest of everyone it intends to reach out to. Scholarly articles by industry veterans followed by expressions by our student members on what they perceive and comprehend on technology - primarily space-related will be on offer. Some columns and features are also included to keep the readers engaged and educated. The avowed aim is to kindle, promote and shape the written and creative faculties of our very gifted student members.

Top Programs

We couldn’t be more ardent that we were not ready to settle during this lockdown period. As a result, we have made it a productive lockdown for our students by organizing a series of webinars on the topics of their interest.


Are you a student interested in space? You can join with us in the first entry level of this three tier system that is the cosmos group. You can register through the link given and the confirmation will be intimated to you later. Enthusiastic participation in the basic group will be monitored by the team of Mentors and Student fellows and the consistency of involvement from your part will ensure your entry in the UL Space Club, the second tier of UL Space Club .

Latest Events

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We are pleased to inform you that the UL Space Club, in association with the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Kozhikode, and the College of Applied Sciences, Kozhikode, is organizi

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Summer Space Camp 2023...

The University of Calicut and UL Space Club jointly conducted Summer Space Camp, partnering with Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre during 9-10 May 2023 at University Campus.